An autobiographical documentary “Impression of Phoenix” was shown at the Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre at 11:00 on 15 November, and five clients of Art House “Vision Art” had the pleasure of seeing it free of charge. The documentary presents the activities of the Phoenix Foundation led by Svilen Stoyanov and follows the five-year path to success of people involved in the Foundation. Having been specialized in acting through their performance in various theatrical productions, they took part in a number of competitions at local and national level. The screening of the autobiographical documentary inspired and motivated the visitors from Cinema and Theatre Club to Art House “Vision Art” to achieve new creative successes.

impresia-na-fenix-2014 0001 IMG 1925.JPGimpresia-na-fenix-2014 0002 IMG 1945.JPGimpresia-na-fenix-2014 0003 IMG 1949.JPG