Contributing to the festive mood set by Easter, one of the most popular Christian holidays, Art House “Vision Art” organized an Easter party for its clients. The event was held at 18:00 on 15 April at Art Club Vision Hall to the Agency for Social Development Vision. The programme began with two presentations given by the new consultant of the Art House Stoycho Stoychev who introduced the audience to the newly set up clubs Dancesport and Tourism led by him. There was a competition for the most beautifully decorated Easter egg and those present at the event took part in it with their own decorated eggs and gave their vote for choosing the winner. After vote counting it turned out that there were two finalists who tapped their eggs to determine the winner. The competition winner was Petya Vladimirova who was awarded a giant chocolate egg. To the delight of the audience three short films were shown, created by Rosina Ruseva, Lyuba Georgieva and Dimitar Dimitrov, members of Photo & Video Club and Computer Club to the Art House. Applause ensued after the short films showing, and then the most interesting and funny part of the programme began – Easter egg tapping, which put happy smiles on the faces of the attendees. “A great party”, Rosina Ruseva excitedly summarized the event.

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