IMG 3992 1A new artistic talent, Iliyan Horozov, social service user of Art House Vision Art, was spotted at the premiere of three short films with his participation, held at Art Club Vision Hall on 24 July 2015 at 18:00. The sketches “In the hotel”, “The Wizard” and “Trouble in the factory”, based on the texts of Harold Pinter and Hanoch Levin, are directed by Pavlin Tanev, consultant of Theatre Club at the Art House, who also plays different roles as an on-screen partner of Iliyan Horozov. The audience welcomed the short films with joyous bursts of laughter and spontaneous applause. Dimitar Kostov and  Petar Pavlov, consultants of Computer Club and Photo & Video Club, who filmed the movies, greeted the participants in the premiere. In the end, Iliyan Horozov, who was very excited, thanked the team of Agency Vision for their professional attitude, and especially for spotting his acting talent. After that all who wished could have an autograph and take a photo of themselves with him.

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