DSC04428 1On 29 July 2015, at 13:30, members of Art House Vision Art visited the Naval Museum in the city of Varna. The visit was organised by Tourism Club as part of its extracurricular activities, together with the management of the Naval Museum.
The tour included a visit to both the indoor as well as outdoor exhibition of the museum. The indoor exhibition is situated in three showrooms showing exhibits from the seabed as well as items related to maritime history of the region from the ancient past to the present. Among the exhibits seen were cool steel weapons and firearms, ship weaponry, sailors’ and officers’ uniforms, flags and insignia, medals and honorary diplomas, etc. The open-air exhibition features helicopters, cannons, and the best part of the show - the Drazki torpedo boat and the sailing yacht Kor Karoli of Georgi Georgiev who was the first Bulgarian to sail single-handed around the world. The Tourism Club’s consultant, Stoycho Stoychev, guided the tour within the Naval Museum.
The event was one of a series of visits initiated by the Club of Tourism with the aim of increasing the general knowledge of the participants and making them acquainted with cultural and historical places of interest and facts about the history of the Bulgarian Navy.
After the tour, all the participants received seals and stamps of the Naval Museum, which is part of the 100 national sites of Bulgaria.

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