IMG 4124 1On the occasion of the Day of Varna, August 15th, Art House Vision Art organised an exhibition "Varna in our view" involving users of three Clubs of the Art House, i.e. Photo & Video, Computers and Palette.

The exhibition took place at Art Club Vision Hall on August 14th at 18:00 presenting various works of art, among which could be seen 13 photographs taken by Plamen Vasilev, Peyko Peykov, Svetlin Georgiev and Elena Zhekova, participants from Photo & Video Club, 11 collages made by Rosina Ruseva, Yovko Peykov, Snezhana Dimitrova, Krasen Simeonov, Ilka Eftimova and Nedyalka Petrova from Computers Club, and 8 pictures painted by Milena Droncheva, Plamen Vasilev, Snezhana Dimitrova, Margaritka Stefanova, Katina Gudzhimisi, Velika Todorova, Diyana Gospodinova and Svetla Dimitrova, participants from Palette Club of the Art House. Short video films about the symbols of Varna as a sea capital were presented by Zlatka Bozhilova, Yovko Peev, as well as by the consultants of Computers Club and Photo & Video Club, viz. Svetlana Slavcheva and Petar Pavlov. The audience in the crowded hall applauded the movies and not only enjoyed the photographs and paintings exhibited, but also got the chance to discuss the process of their creation with the authors themselves.

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