On 2 November 2016, a new Children's Centre was launched in Varna designed to provide the Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Children with Disabilities Social Service. The Centre will be run by the Agency for Social Development Vision, the founder and active member of the National Alliance for Social Responsibility, an organization with 20 years’ experience and a leading role in the social services development in Bulgaria. The facility has a capacity of 25 seats and is aimed at children with disabilities. Users are to be welcomed without limits.
Based on the Agency’s long experience, the Children's Centre will be functioning in an integrated environment, away from industrial buildings and heavy traffic, close to playgrounds and sports grounds. The reconstructed facility provides a team of 12 specialists with the best possible conditions for working with children and for implementing activities aimed at the individual development of each child. The team includes specialists in Social Affairs, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Physical medicine and Rehabilitation, a nurse and others. Among the activities performance of the Children's Centre will be social support and intermediary services, individual activities and group work, psychological counselling and support, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, art therapy focusing on fine and applied arts, computer training, music, language training courses and others. To date, more than 40 children have expressed their desire to use the service.