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Agency for Social Development Vision in partnership with the National Alliance for Social Responsibility (NASO) has started implementing a Pass It On project, part of the two-year D-LoT project, coordinated by the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EAPSD). Besides the two Bulgarian organisations, social service providers and NGOs from 14 other countries in Central and Eastern Europe have been involved in the project with the aim of promoting the D-LoT E-Learning Platform as well as providing training sessions for professionals from the service provision sector at a local level.
The project will be run from January to April 2017. Participants recruitment has already started. 15 learners will do a free online course in English and take part in a training session and a workshop in Varna. After finishing the course, they will become part of a D-LoT project network enabling them to get information on the EASPD activities at European level and to submit proposals under EU funding programmes jointly with European partners.

This publication is part of the Disability Leaders of Tomorrow project (D-LoT), which has been generously supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in this publication lies entirely with the author.