English Club

The Club gives the participants the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and develop their language skills.

Besides learning Basic English grammar, the course helps students develop their conversation skills by using situational dialogues, discussions on various topics in English, writing essays, carrying out activities for understanding everyday English, such as studying lyrics, reading books, etc.

Computer Club

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The Club aims at not only teaching basic computer skills, but also at providing practical knowledge about the preparation of certificates, collages, invitations and posters for the Art House events.

The Club’s computer consultant uses an individual-based approach, considering the fact that the target group includes people with disabilities who need special attention and attitude according to their individual learning capacity.

Literature Club

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The Club’s members have a keen interest in literature. Some of them write their own short stories, essays and poems expressing primarily their life experience. Each member participates in the creative writing process according to his or her creative capacity and personal choices.

Music Club

studio music.jpgThe Club holds meetings with its members in order to upgrade their knowledge of music and musical culture. During the learning sessions the participants listen to pieces of music and songs by different authors, coupled with lectures and discussions on periods of musical history, music styles and their characteristics. The Club members learn to listen, understand and appreciate classical music, and participate in events and concerts organised by Agency Vision and other organisations.

Fine & Applied Arts Club

studio izobrazitel-o-izkystvo-i-ikonopis2.jpgstudio prilojno-izkystvo.jpgstudio izobrazitelno-izkystvo-i-ikonopis.jpg studio prilojno-izkystvo2.jpg

The Club provides the participants with conditions for the development of their artistic abilities by creating paintings, posters and other artworks. They develop their particular set of skills and improve their fine motor skills by using different materials and techniques as well as by creating works of art. The activities’ long-term objective is to boost the participants’ self-confidence and self-awareness, and to help them overcome stress, release negative emotions and achieve inner peace and self-assertion. Agency Vision gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their creative potential by organising exhibitions in the fields of fine and applied arts.

Psychology Club


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The Club offers the opportunity to have small group discussions guided by a psychologist.

During group discussions, the participants can:

  • express their points of views and opinions freely;
  • see other people’s points of view on key issues;
  • receive support and advice;
  • have fun through a variety of activities and games;
  • give themselves some personal time.

Each session is focused on a different topic for discussion which is scheduled in advance.
This service is available to all social service users of the Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Agency Vision either in the form of individual talks and consultations or in the form of participation in organised leisure activities. The participants choose the topics for discussion and the activities to be implemented, for example, going to the cinema or the theatre, going for a walk, etc.
The Club aims to combine the meetings with other ongoing activities, thus, making them a natural outcome of the events. These meetings are held by the clubs’ consultants and social service specialists to the Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Agency Vision.
The topics for discussion are heavy issues and questions derived from everyday situations, but a large part of them is devoted to the process of social integration of the Centre’s users.

Photography & Video Club

studio fotografia-i-video.jpg

The Club’s activity focuses on video shooting and video editing of all Art House events. This enhances the participants’ interest and enthusiasm for being engaged in the Club’s activity.
The Club’s programme includes:

  • Cinematography Theory: video devices – analog camcorder and digital camcorder; lighting – natural and artificial sources of light; using a computer and video editing software;
  • Cinematography Practice: video shooting – outdoors and indoors; using a computer and video editing software;
  • Photography Practice: types of photography (portraits, landscapes, documentaries, events, etc.); using a computer and graphics editing software (Photoshop CS3).

Tourism Club

The Club gives the participants the opportunity to become familiar with popular destinations in Bulgaria and abroad. The participants can take a close look at every spot, marked as a tourist attraction, by means of presentations, short films and specialised tourist literature. The activities are carried out both theoretically and practically through organised group visits to various destinations.

Gymnastics Club

The Club offers the social service users a complex of exercises for rehabilitation of their joints and muscles. The rehabilitation exercises are tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of each participant as they are aimed at restoring and maintaining their physical health.