The Centre runs a wide variety of activity programmes designed to involve and support children with disabilities and their families. A team of experts in various fields provide support for children in partnership with educational organizations and other bodies working with children. 
The social services provided are as follows:
1. Social Assistant Service for children with disabilities attending classes in mainstream schools and kindergartens — with a capacity of 120 seats;
2. Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Children with Disabilities Vision Junior — with a capacity of 25 seats.
Children's Centre Vision Junior is located in the best-planned part of Varna, Chayka qt., away from industrial buildings and heavy traffic, in a park area and near educational, health, and sports facilities, and other buildings. There is full accessibility. 
A room of over 200 square metres in area is available for implementing various activities and both individual and group work, for providing psychological and therapeutic support and speech-language therapy services, as well as for carrying out extracurricular activities for personal development using fine and applied arts, music, computer training, language learning and others. 
Contact details 
Address: Varna, Chayka qt., bl. 27 
Tel.: +359 52/330 330 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.