The service aims at stimulating the personal development of children with disabilities and motivating and supporting them in acquiring new skills, knowledge and abilities to become more self-sufficient and active in their personal development. 
The objectives of the service are:
• Providing a natural, integrated, inclusive, supportive and stimulating environment; 
• Encouraging and supporting the social, emotional and cultural development of users; 
• Promoting the successful integration of users and independence in their personal development and helping them in achieving a better quality of life.
The service covers a wide range of social, psychological, educational, advisory, therapeutic and rehabilitation activities aimed at fulfilling its goals. It involves both children and their parents as users in its activities and seeks to improve the environment they study and live in. The service is implemented by a staff of broadly qualified specialists whose professional skills correspond to those required to do their job and to meet the needs of service users. The service allows implementing individual activities or group work and can be provided on a part-time basis or be scheduled according to the individual needs of children. The group formation is based on children's interests, personal characteristics and needs, as well as on the activities involved. Considering the current views on the implementation of this type of service, conditions have been created for facilitating the activities performance by providing an appropriate environment and by using facilities suitable for individual or group work at several levels and in several areas:
• Providing premises designed for the service delivery; • Ensuring additional facilities provided by the organization, if necessary; 
• Taking account of the current trends in the attempts at achieving the best results of effective integration and social inclusion, it has been intended to launch a mobile version of this service provision operating under normal conditions and in an environment children live in or study. The mobile version of this service will require more resources and efforts of the service provider organization, but in return it will give service users a higher degree of satisfaction and will produce sustainable results. This working method will be primarily used to meet the needs of children for the service in an out-of-school environment and to prepare them for the learning process they are involved in.
Main activities:
• Social rehabilitation; • Cognitive rehabilitation therapy; • Therapy activities for development; • Employability and vocational guidance;
• Integration activities; • Training activities; • Social counselling and specialist advice; • Psychological counselling and support; • Speech-language therapy;
• Other inclusion activities:
a) Personal celebrations and public holidays; 
b) Cultural events such as going to the cinema or the theatre, visiting museums and art galleries; 
 c) Arranging trips and outings and plein air events; d) Participating in Interest Groups; e) Organizing games and other events; • Working with families and school staff; • Holding events to enhance public awareness and cultivate attitudes.
Target group:
Children with disabilities 
In compliance with the current regulations, the service has a capacity of 25 seats. As a result of the growing interest in this type of service, the organization has taken measures to ensure that the service is provided over its intended capacity.
Contact details 
Address: Varna, Chayka qt., bl. 27   
Tel.: +359 52/330 330 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.