Social Assistant for Children with Special Educational Needs Service aims at creating opportunities for personal development and social integration of children with special educational needs studying in comprehensive schools in the Municipality of Varna, integrating children with special needs into ordinary mainstream schools, deinstitutionalizing and preventing child abandonment through the support of a social assistant, socializing and building knowledge and communication skills, developing self-attending skills and school time management skills, enhancing social inclusion and development.

The service includes:

  • Overcoming barriers and restrictions to ensure active participation in the learning process in comprehensive schools.
  • Providing support, opportunities and conditions for personal development and social inclusion in an integrated environment and active involvement and sustainable participation in public life.
  • Meeting specific social needs and overcoming difficulties experienced by children.
  • Boosting children’s self-esteem, discovering and developing their qualities, capabilities, inner resources and talents.
  • Support for parents and families in the process of learning and upbringing of their children aimed at their career fulfilment and professional development.
  • Providing quality prevention of abandonment of children with disabilities and creating opportunities for enjoying a quality lifestyle and fulfilment through deinstitutionalization and for studying in ordinary mainstream schools through the support of a social assistant.


  • The service includes a set of activities aimed at social work with children to meet their needs of school time management skills.
  • The service is expanded to fit the children’s needs of social assistants providing them personal support during the learning process and their participation in activities for social inclusion and personal development.
  • In order to improve the service, increase the scope of its activities, meet the high demand for this kind of support and achieve a better allocation of human resources an individual distribution of social assistants’ work schedules is implemented according to the children’ needs and the requirements and duration of the learning process in schools.
  • Within the framework of their working hours social assistants should take care of more than one child.

The specific activities are bound up with the support for overcoming barriers and restrictions provided according to the special needs of each child, his capabilities and the difficulties he experiences.
The service’s implementation involves parents/guardians as active participants in support providing.

Target group:
Children with disabilities studying in ordinary mainstream schools and kindergartens.
The age range is from age three to graduation. The service capacity includes more than 120 children.

Required application documents:

  • A copy of ambulatory card (if available), an expert decision of the applicant implemented by Territorial Expert Medical Commissions (TEMC) or the National Expert Medical Commission (NEMC);
  • Other medical documents certifying the health of the applicant;
  • Study Certificate issued by the school or kindergarten, where the applicant is studying;
  • Employment Certificate for the workplace of parents/guardians;
  • A copy of expert decision of TEMC/NEMC/MCC of the applicant’s parent/guardian or brother/sister (if s/he has any);
  • Birth Certificate of the applicant’s brother/sister, if up to 3 years.

Contact details

Address: Varna, 35 Gen. Tsimerman Str.
Tel.: +359 52/646 600
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

No monthly service fees are required.